Frequent Buyer Program

Do you need multiple gifts over the year but still want to qualify for our Group Gift Discount? Opt-in to our Frequent Buyer program!

Customers who commit to purchasing at least $1,000 in Group Gifts in a year get a 10% discount on each purchase!

We have  expanded. 

Our Frequent Buyer Group Gifts options here at Maker House make it easier for customers who order multiple gifts throughout the year. You can shop local & Canadian-made with a concierge service and on-demand delivery!

Maker House Branded Gift Box

Here’s How It Works

Step 1:

You commit to purchasing at least $1,000 in Group Gifts from Maker House over the next year.

Step 2:

We work with you to create perfect gift options, which we keep securely on file for your future gift giving needs.

Step 3:

You purchase a Maker House Gift Card up front for a lump sum, or for the projected amount you expect to spend over the year. We keep this gift card on file, along with a signed contract detailing your Frequent Buyer program and your gift card details.

Step 4:

You simply let us know which gift you need, when and where to send it and we will take care of everything for you (working with the inventory we have).

Step 5:

You don’t even have to process payment. We will charge your gift card behind the scenes and apply your 10% discount.

Step 6:

We will then email you a copy of the completed transaction for your records, and you can use the remaining balance for future gifts!

Want to sign up as a Frequent Buyer? Have some questions? Please e-mail Jenn Cox, our Head of Gifts, at [email protected] — we look forward to connecting with you! 

Jenn, Maker House's Head of Group Gifts. A wonderful human, everyone would be happy to work with her.