Meet The Maker House Family

Hi there and welcome to Maker House! If you’ve ever visited the shop in person, you’re sure to recognize this greeting. While we’ve gotten really good at introducing our store, we felt that an introduction to all of our new friends is long overdue. So without further ado, we’re proud to introduce the Maker House Team!

Gareth Davies


None of this would have been possible without Gareth. In 2015 he took a leap of faith to see if people would be interested in buying locally made, quality goods from fellow Canadians. Much to no one’s surprise, the idea took off. Since then he’s been working hard to build Maker House into what it is today. 

Jenn C.

Head of Group Gifts

If you’ve ever wanted to meet a positive force it would be Jenn, brightening every day with her music and laughter. She’s been around almost as long as Dana, from the days of the pop-up in the ByWard Market all the way to her current capacity as Head of Group Gifts, where she offers a personalized gifting experience. She takes the time to make sure that your gifts are exactly what you’re looking for! 

Paula S.

Head Of Products

Paula is our Indomitable Rex.  Working hard behind the scenes, she crunches the numbers and spends hours ordering all of your favorite products, bringing in new items, and discovering new Makers! She’s also our resident horticulturalists, identifying and tending to the little plant babies

In addition to the great leaders we have above, we’ve got an amazing family of Keyholders and Shop Guides, and we can’t thank them enough for their hard work. We really couldn’t have done it without them, and we consider ourselves lucky to have such cool friends. 

We’re always expanding our team! If you want to join, send an email to [email protected] with your resume attached!