A gift box filled with gluten-free items. Great as a Group Gift or for an individual holiday gift.




This gift box has been curated with some of our makers best Gluten-Free goodies. Reach out if you'd like to see even more Gluten-Free options.

Product Maker & Location
Candied Blueberry Hot Sauce Maritime Madness: Montague, PEI
Fleur de Sel Chocolate Hummingbird Chocolate Maker: Almonte, ON
Blackcurrant Lemonade The County Bounty: Napanee, ON
Spicy Red Pepper Jelly - Mini Hot Mamas Foods: Orillia, ON
Traditional Bison Pemmican Strip - Maple Blueberry Mitsoh: Bigstone Cree Nation, AB

*Price / Items in the box may change due to inventory availability.

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